Many folks who buy our tubes know that we use a special process to categorically rate our tubes so that players can select the tubes that best fit their preferred tones and styles. However, we get a lot of questions about our rating system, and what the numbers actually mean.

IMPORTANT BIAS NOTE: If you're replacing a tube with the SAME TYPE of Groove Tube (tube model and rating), you do not have to rebias your amp. In any other case, you should always have a qualified amp tech reset your amp’s bias whenever changing your tube type or rating number.



Early distortion, wide range, softer attack good for Rock and Blues solos.



Normal performance, great dynamic range/attack and best all around rating type for all styles of playing



Most dynamic range, most clean power/less break-up for power players, Jazz and bass amps.

Ronnie Ficarro / Falling in Reverse

At the age of 12 I got my start by picking up my fathers bass playing 60'S music i had taught myself . At 14 I was given the album Dookie (Green Day) by a student teacher in my 7th grade science class. Mike Dirnt became my biggest influence mentor and At that moment I knew I wanted to be a bass player in a rock band and tour the world. After a decade of touring in independent punk rock, rock, and pop projects I got an opportunity to step in on Bass for Falling In Reverse in Jan 2012.

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